Hot Weather Pranayama Session

Often just 20 minutes spent in supine poses monitoring the breath can significantly cool the body, settle the mind, and set right our overall mood. A very simple practice is laid out below.  Think of it as 3 poses, 3 arm positions resulting in 3 breath geometric breath designs, and 3 locations for “mental confinement”

Props needed:

  • Bolster of stack of blankets
  • Belt
  • Eye bag or eye cloth

Three poses:

  1. Supta Baddha Konasana
  2. Supta Virasana
  3. Supta Swastikasana or Matsyasana

Three arm positions :

  1. Arms down near the side chest – center chest lift, broad pelvis
  2. Arms wide sideways – horizontal chest spread
  3. Elbows overhead – linear breath pattern on side chest

Three Locations for the mind. This means you settle your mental focus in one of the three places, and your breath originates and mostly stays settled in that one of the three places.

  1. Abdominal Region – should stay soft and receding, more so during exhalation. This region is considered connected to our passion, drive and creativity
  2. Frontal Chest region – don’t force the filling or lift, but it will increase with quiet practice. This region is considered to be connected to our emotional and “heartfelt” actions.
  3. Throat, face, including temples nose, mouth, ears, etc.  This region is considered connected to our ethereal mind.  The vastness of it, and its depth.

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