About AASY

What equipment do I need to bring to class?
You need only comfortable clothing. Everything else you will need is at the studio. If it’s your first class, the teacher will show you where to find everything and how to set up.

What do I wear to class?
You should wear comfortable, flexible, modest attire. It is best if your outfit shows your knees, so that the teacher can make a more complete assessment of your alignment in the poses.

Are there kids or teen classes?
No, not currently.

Are there different categories of classes?
Yes. There are gentle classes, more fast-paced classes, backbend classes, pranayama classes, etc. Look at the “Class Description” page to find out more information.

Can I skip level I classes to a higher level if I already have yoga experience?
If you are new to the studio, you cannot skip level I unless you specifically have Iyengar Yoga experience, in which case you and the teacher may decide that you belong in a higher level. Because Iyengar Yoga is sequential and cumulative, it is necessary to start in level I in order to progress correctly in the style.

Can I change at the studio?
Yes. There are two small changing rooms (one for women, and one for men), where you can change and store your belongings.

Should I arrive to class early?
Yes. It is best to arrive for a class 10 – 15 early, especially if you are new to the studio. That way you have enough time to change if you need to and to set up.

Can I drop in for a class?
Yes. Drop-ins are welcome if you are new to the studio or a continuing student with a difficult schedule.