The World Continues to Spin, from Becca

It may feel like our lives are paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the world continues to spin and seasons continue to change. Winter becomes spring! Spring is a time of renewal and cleansing. We use this time to clean our homes and yards, welcoming sunny, warm weather. We ramp up our exercise routines and, maybe even, get a new haircut! In our yoga practice, we also cleanse our internal body by practicing twisting asanas (or revolved asanas). These asanas create flexibility of the spine and rejuvenate the abdominal organs. They bring a peaceful state of mind when the breath is used to support the twisting action.

In the sequence provided, find the stability needed in the hips/legs to support the movement in the trunk and chest. In the twisting asanas, use the inhalation to lift and lengthen the sides of the trunk and the exhalation to deepen the twist and massage the abdominal organs. It’s encouraged to repeat the twisting asanas several times to reduce stiffness and get deeper into the poses. As seen in the sequence, the wall is a helpful prop to support the turning of the torso. Use the hands on the wall to deepen the twist and find stability.

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The Action of Encasement – Samputana Kriya

While we are all enclosed and sheltered and being responsibly distant I’m reminded of the practice mode of encasing one pose in the center of a series. We do a chain of asanas towards one center asana.  The phase of going in is called pratiloma vinyasa.  Pratiloma vinyasa moves from simple to complicated; it charges the body and ignites intelligence.

From that center pose, we then practice the same poses in reverse order returning to the first pose.  This phase of returning is called anuloma vinyasa.  Anuloma vinyasa is returning as we pacify the complete system of body and consciousness.

This mode of practice reminds me of moving towards and away from things. How arriving is different than leaving, and how we will all see this current crisis through to the other side.

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Take Care

Care for Yourself, Care for Others, Care for your Back

It’s been a few weeks now since we have been able to come together at AASY for lessons and practice; and it will be at least a few weeks more.  Many are reporting positive outcomes during our Stay Home, Stay Safe lifestyle – more reading, more cooking, more prayer, practice, and gratitude. Everyone is facing a new schedule in life with new tensions and fears, and benefits.

Now is the time!  Let ‘s find time to really take care of ourselves and each other.

Cycle through all our practice guidance posts regularly while we are shuttered, and join the conversation in each one.  We miss being together.  The encouragement and fellowship we’ve lost by not getting together in class can be abated by communicating about our practice here.  We want to hear from you!

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