Change the Course – Create a New Direction

The crisis of COVID-19 has altered all of our lives.  It’s time to re-direct and configure a new path of action.  One with  a new awareness that helps us move forward and acknowledges changes are needed.  The same could be said of our latest national reckoning regarding systemic inequities in our society.   As we honestly investigate the problems can we create a better future?

An asana practice dedicated to twisting and growing tall, cleansing while culturing mental calmness can be one way we all commit to necessary changes.  When practicing yoga we always need to find stability to begin a pose, determination to develop the pose, and again re-stabilize any progress we have made.  We try to begin from a solid base, explore potentialities we haven’t tapped into, and settle again into a pensive mind.

This practice has twisting poses from several categories. Each set will begin with  a few poses that novice practitioners can practice, and a few more difficult poses will also be in each group.  If you are editing the practice sheet because of limitations you have, be sure to do at least the first two of each section a few times, to preserve the efficacy of the sequence experience.

Every time a twisting pose is practiced we assign an unusual role to exhalations.  Generally, exhalations are a release and a sort of relaxation.  In twisting poses we use deep and at times forceful exhalations to deepen the spinal/trunk turning and the squeezing of the abdominal organs.  Use the inhalations to create length, height and space, and the exhalations to further the turning and abdominal compressions.

4 Replies to “Change the Course – Create a New Direction”

  1. Space generating is one the biggest things we strive for in asana practice. Prashant once told be that stiffness was just a mis-management of space element. I’m so glad you like the practice sequences we are putting out.

  2. Challenging and awesome. At the end my janu sirsasana was WAYYY more flexible than usual, which was surprising feeling – very limber as opposed to a pretty standard humpback. This was a very opening and space-generating sequence for me. Difficult as well. I focused especially on square and centered hips while twisting upper back, as opposed to a cheating of collapsing a groin inward to “twist” more. Thanks Laurie! Great practice as always. So blessed to have you and the teachings in my life.

  3. There are so so many difficult conversations that must be taken up these days. I agree, remembering the struggle in asana helps summon up the courage needed in these important and difficult times.

  4. During a work discussion the other day, we were discussing often difficult and uncomfortable conversations. I thought to myself, “I should be used this because I am putting myself in uncomfortable positions all the time in my yoga practice!” This set of poses really highlighted that reflection: how to breathe through uncomfortable situations, finding stability and movement forward to achieve something greater. Thanks Laurie!

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