Class Descriptions

Waiting area outside the yoga room.

General Classes – The General classes are the heart of our program, where the students most develop and progress in the method.These classes are progressive and transforming for the students as they evolve their practice.

Early Bird Yoga – fast paced, vigorous, not for students with health problems, healthy beginners welcome.

Early Bird Backbends – Level 2 and above students who want to work on their backbends more deeply over the summer session.

Level 1 – Introductory beginners’ class for students new to yoga or new to the Iyengar method.

Level 2 – Continuing students who have completed two (or more), Level 1 sessions.

Level 3 – Continuing level for students who do inversions with ease at the wall.

Level 4 – Advance level class for continuing students comfortable with long inversions and deep back bends.

Continuing for 60+ Yoga – Upper Level 2 class for the established student age 60+. Students must be comfortable in inversions or inversion alternatives. Younger students are most welcome in the class and will appreciate the wisdom of their fellow classmates.

Pranayama (meditative breathing) – Open to Level 2 students and above who can comfortably hold inversions for 5 minutes (wall allowed). Long steady work in quieting asanas, as well as breathing techniques is taught in this class.

Gentle Yoga – Ongoing slower pace class where poses are taught with more modifications and props to accommodate older students or those with mild chronic health conditions. Please obtain your Doctor’s permission before enrolling for this class.

Community Sunday Class – Open to all level students.  Taught in Spanish and English by CIYT Becca Lindsay. Suggested donation $5.

Teen Yoga Class – for teens ages 13-17.Fast paced and fun, designed to engage the teen body and mind, and spirit. This class is not offered every session, please check schedule pages for current offerings.

Private Lesson with Laurie – Private lessons can fine tune your understanding and practice, and help with health concerns. To schedule email