Let’s Turn Worriers into Warriors

Not much about the future is certain right now.  All of us face worrying about those we love and their health. All of us are worried about what “return to normal” will look like.

As the safe shelter at home lifestyle continues we could use some internal heroics and a boost to our fortitude.  Virabhadra is a powerful warrior in Hindu mythology.  The name is derived from the Sanskrit vira, meaning hero, and Bhadra, meaning friend.  Let’s do a practice dedicated to being strong and friendly heroes.

The 3 Virabhadrasana standing poses build concentration and inner strength which should help us face the current worries with more equanimity.  In this practice sheet there are 3 small sets of poses; one for each of the Virabhadrasana poses. Then there is one set with all 3 virabhadrasana asanas done one leading to the next. Add to, or reduce the number of poses as you see fit.  All the practice sheets sent during the COVID crisis are recipes for your practice. Experiment with altering the recipe as suits you on any given day.

The Virabhadrasana practice ends with a well deserved Savasana. Or add your inversions and/or some bolster poses utilizing your graphic breath work while reclining before your final Savasana.

One Reply to “Let’s Turn Worriers into Warriors”

  1. Thank you, Laurie, this is the Virabhadrasana symphony for sure!

    I had enough time — and oomph — to attempt the entire sequence. My Virabhadrasan 3’s were short but successful flights!

    Most days I won’t have enough time for the entire sequence but I’m already considering how I can use it during other practices.

    So lovely to have your guidance during these difficult times when we can’t all come together. These sequences are letters to our souls.


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