Be Open-hearted, show some Back-bone

Let’s Practice Baddha Konasana and Upavistha Konasana.

These two poses settle our awareness in the base of the torso and pelvic floor. The hips and the  muscles surrounding the hips as well as the abdominal organ all benefit from these poses.  Stiffness in the hips and the leg muscles surrounding the pelvis present quite a challenge to becoming adept in these asanas. A lot of anxiety and difficult emotions seem to live in the pit of our core. All yoga poses work on so many levels; but these two especially seem to magically help relieve confusion and fear, which seems to originate or reside in the belly.

By lying down with the legs up the wall we can investigate our resistance with the support of the floor and the wall.  When practicing them seated we must work strongly to lift the spine; while also working to lift the chest making it broad and expansive. Showing back-bone while remaining open-hearted is just what we all need in difficult times.

The sequence below highlights Baddha and Upavistha Konasana in a variety of ways. Please let us know how the sequences in our Practice Guidance blog are working for you.  Your comments are encouraged.  We’d like to stay in touch!  We hope you are finding some space for your yoga.

13 Replies to “Be Open-hearted, show some Back-bone”

  1. I did this sequence with my son this afternoon. He has been meeting me once a week since the confinement for practice. He read the instructions and we followed them as they were written, without adding anything. It was a great practice! Some of the instructions were almost similar but for one little difference which made it shine. I also really liked the theme which we could follow throughout. Thank you Laurie!

  2. I loved practicing this sequence last night! I did upavistha konasana and baddha konasana facing the wall and back to the wall (in addition to the standing poses as suggested). Sometimes I have a hard time sitting still in the seated poses for long periods of time. I recited the invocation in my head to help stay focused. I remember Laurie making this suggestion for inversions too.

  3. Reconnecting with your “voice” in my practice is a silver lining in the COVID-19 cloud. My daily practice had become so repetitious, stale and mixed up with physical therapy exercises; these sequences have brought back focus, changed my relationship to the practice and reconnected me to the power of yoga. This one is my favorite so far.

  4. ✔️ Love the titles of the sequences. Inviting + motivating.

    ✔️ Appreciate the space for add-on poses.

    ✔️ The time frame for the sections-helpful.

    Thanks for connecting and supporting our home practice.


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