DIY Yoga Props

If you’re stuck at home without your typical yoga props, consider substituting regular household items instead! In the video, Becca shares some things around her house that you could use instead of the standard yoga props. Get creative! The sequence provided has photos of Becca using these household items to support her asana practice. Big thanks to Clayton, (Becca’s great husband), for his camera work, and to David, (Irish Wolfhound), for modeling his version of Savasana.

Becca from AASY reaches out with clean hands offering some practice tips.

For the sequence provided, stabilize the hips while extending the sides of the trunk. Keep the chest broad and lifted.

In standing poses 3 and 4, keep the back leg strong and anchor down the outer edge of the back foot (foot/leg furthest from head side). From here, lengthen the side ribs and turn the trunk towards the ceiling. Keep the front leg buttock/hip pulled inward towards the centerline of the poses. 

For supine poses (on your back), keep the leg on the floor pressing down strongly. When the leg goes off to the side in Supta Padangusthasana II and Supta Vrksasana, don’t allow the opposite side hip to lift off the floor. See if you can maintain even, level hips and the strong standing leg in the standing variations (Vrksasana, Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana I and II). Keep the abdomen engaged to help lift and spread the chest and to help stabilize the hips.

The legs should be strong for Adho Mukha Svanasana and Salamba Sirsasana! Keep the strong leg action (straight knees, front of the thigh pressing into the back of the thigh) for all poses up until Savasana. The chest should remain lifted and broad throughout (scapula/dorsal spine drawn inward towards the chest).

In Savasana, align yourself to your midline and systematically relax the abdomen, arms, legs, and facial muscles with soft, quiet breathing. 

Click on the underlined below to see the illustrated sequence now, or download for your practice notebook.

7 Replies to “DIY Yoga Props”

  1. Hi Becca, thanks for sharing your ideas. Even though I have a few yoga props, I was lost on how to do some of the asanas at home. Your creative use of the couch and the bed have helped fill in some gaps for me. I did your sequence this morning and felt confident enough in my practice to try my first headstand since the shutdown. It felt good!

  2. So glad Louise! I think we could all use yoga to make us feel strong and uplifted during these times. I just thought about another thing you could use for a belt: a robe belt! Personally, I don’t have a robe but many people do haha.

  3. Hi Becca! Thank you for sharing this sequence, complete with color photography!! Beautiful work! My husband Roger and I did your sequence together today. The emphasized actions left us feeling strong and uplifted.🥰🙏🏼

  4. This is great advice for home practice. I had not thought about stacks of books for blocks. They’re adjustable too!

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