Here We Are, Doing Yoga… but Why?

Opening the Jan 2015 session of Classes at AASY was a wonderful homecoming after a long Holiday Season break.  Classes began with a short conversation regarding “Why” we are here doing our yoga.  When  I asked the students what brings them to class and to their home practice many different answers were shared.  Quite a few reported the initial reasons they were attracted to the study were not actually the same reasons they continue.  We must be doing something right!

The practice and study of Yoga should be transformative and so as we develop and mature in our practice the attraction to, and effects of, our practice will evolve.

So with an opening week of classes where stiff cold hips were visited by moving fluidly into leg positions that led to forward bends, and some standing asanas paired together to continue the idea of fluidity and stability we began a new year of ongoing study.  Some folks really liked the double block work we did in Adho Mukha Svanasana and Sirsasana (other’s not so much).  But on it goes as we continue to ask ourselves why we study and practice, and what happens when we do.  And who exactly, which layer of who we are at any given moment, is practicing?  And can our practice transform us towards understanding ourselves more intimately and honestly?

Of course it can, how could it not?



Cinema & Yoga on August 14th – Expand Your Boundaries

from the Ann Arbor Film Festival:

Cinema & Yoga is hosted by the Ann Arbor School of Yoga, as a summer fundraiser for the AAFF. The event includes an all-levels yoga class taught by one of the most in-demand yoga instructors in the U.S.: Laurie Blakeney. Following the hour-long class, enjoy light fare and beverages (non-alcoholic) and a screening of some mind-bending favorite short films from the 47th Ann Arbor Film Festival.

What: Cinema & Yoga
When: Friday, August 14th from 7:30pm – 10pm
Where: Ann Arbor School of Yoga (420 W. Huron, Ann Arbor)
How: $25 suggested donation ($20 AAFF and A2SY members)