Becca’s Here Come’s the Sun!

The Surya Namaskara cycle (sun salutation) is an ancient prayer to Lord Surya, the Sun God. As we move from winter to spring, we praise the warmth of the sun when it meets our face and skin. We enjoy the warmth, light, and energy it brings. Life on Earth would cease without the Sun and its gift of solar energy. As Michiganders, we welcome the sunshine with open arms after a long winter! However, we all sometimes forget to be thankful for the gifts of nature or we take certain things for granted. The daily prayer of Surya Namaskara helps us give thanks to the Sun every day and stay connected to Mother Nature.  In fact, we just celebrated Earth Day as a reminder for us to give back to nature and take care of her.

In the mantra for Surya Namaskara, Lord Surya has 12 names. Before each cycle of the sun salutation, we sing or chant one name of Lord Surya, in the sequence of the mantra, then repeat the next name of Lord Surya before the next sun salutation cycle… and so on until the 12th salutation is complete. The mantra reminds me that I’m doing this continuous cycle of poses to show gratitude to the Sun and internalize its miraculous energy. If you’re not able to do all 12 sun salutations, that’s ok! Build up to it and go at your own pace. You can still recite the full mantra before you get started to help you learn it.

When done with quick movements, Surya Namaskara provides freedom of movement, agility, flexibility, and improved blood circulation. The brain becomes active and the future feels brighter! Young people are encouraged to practice with the quick movements. Surya Namaskara can also be done more slowly, with support, for a gentler practice and/or for menstruating or pregnant women (avoid jumps and quick movements).

There are several variations of Surya Namaskara. The sequence provided has two options for different practice needs. It also provides the Surya Namaskara Mantra (with translations) for your practice. There is also a recording of the mantra below so you can listen and practice it before you get started.

Join Becca chanting the Surya Namaskara Mantra

11 Replies to “Becca’s Here Come’s the Sun!”

  1. Bethanni and Kerstin! So glad you both enjoyed the sequence! Bethanni, this is one we should do together someday with the chanting. Seeing your review made my day! Kerstin, it did take me some practice to get the chanting going more fluidly. I actually was singing it around the house lol! Much easier when it’s memorized to weave it into the sequence. If you’re not doing headstand, feel free to substitute adho mukha svanasana or Prasarita Padottanasana instead.

  2. I loved this sequence!! Number 1 it’s from my very close and dear and wonderful friend Becca, so duh!!!!! I’m gonna love it. ALSO it was so healing for me – by the midpoint, into the forward bends or so, I was feeling so overcome with a sense of connection to all life, the plants in my room, the loved ones (humans) in my life, and all live. Also I felt rejuvenated, strong, and encouraged – the chanting was so restorative in that way! I found myself loving each meaning and looking forward to the next chant too. Additionally setting the tone with the super intentful breathing with the sun salutations carried through the whole practice; I found myself being more in tune and in touch with every motion, every breath, even just transition between sides etc. ALSO Karnapidasana WOOT WOOT – gave me a sense of relief and panic all at the same time LOL. Ok well thanks again and love you!

  3. Thanks for this practice guide, Becca, and the beautiful chant! Trying to repeat the names of the poses while practicing them is hard (for me) but it also nicely guides the flow from one posture to the other (as does the breathing). I have also enjoyed the forward bends and sarvangasana at the end. I am avoiding head stand at home but ending home practice with shoulder stand feels strengthening and nourishing.

  4. Thanks Elena! I really love doing this chant. Surya Namaskara always perks me up. It’s great way to start the morning too!

  5. Great sequence, great photos as always, and was much-needed practice for such a gloomy day as today. Thanks, Becca! I enjoyed your beautiful chanting a lot. It took my practice to the spiritual level, loved it!

  6. Thanks, Becca for putting all of this together in one place! I especially liked the breath cues. Also the forward bend and inversion practices after.


  7. Thanks Laurie! I agree 100% So grateful for my practice and our yoga community to help brighten these days too. Thanks for giving us a wonderful platform to stay connected with you and each other.

  8. Becca, you have read my mind! I was thinking about practicing Sun Salutation tomorrow morning. Perfect timing, thank you!!!

    Are you maybe thinking about the Padmasana sequence next? 🙂 …must be achieved…

  9. Thanks so much Becca, we all are needing a boost and welcoming Spring and honoring earth and the sun is a great way to effectively disperse some of the clouds hanging over us….

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