Follow your breath. It will lead you to new places, and stabilize where you are.

Lately we are all dealing with something we can’t see.  The coronavirus is invisible. The ramifications of something invisible are very real indeed.  The practice below guides us to explore the “invisible” in positive ways.

Today’s practice guidance post is one all of you can attempt, including beginners and Gentle Yoga students. If a posture in any section of the practice is beyond your grasp just skip it, and repeat previous ones or move on.  A few more advanced asanas are added to each section so all levels of students can feel competent and challenged. Read over the entire post before you begin.  When practicing refer to your device or printed copy as little as possible to keep yourself moving inward.  Review the information first, then start the practice.

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DIY Yoga Props

If you’re stuck at home without your typical yoga props, consider substituting regular household items instead! In the video, Becca shares some things around her house that you could use instead of the standard yoga props. Get creative! The sequence provided has photos of Becca using these household items to support her asana practice. Big thanks to Clayton, (Becca’s great husband), for his camera work, and to David, (Irish Wolfhound), for modeling his version of Savasana.

Becca from AASY reaches out with clean hands offering some practice tips.
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